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Strategic Tax Consultants

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Individuals: We provide the highest quality individual tax preparation services at a great value to our clients. You can count on us to make sure your tax prep is done in the best way possible and that you are getting the maximum returns which you deserve. We take a proactive approach to let you know of the things you can do to increase your tax savings on your present return as well as future ones. We want you to achieve your personal financial goals, and knowing how to manage your personal taxes is a crucial part of making that happen. Our CPA firm has grown through constant dedication to our clients’ success and we aim to provide the best service possible to every one of our clients. Strategic Tax Consultants is a tax preparation firm you can count on to help you file your taxes and plan for your financial success.

Corporate Tax Clients: We offer corporate tax return preparation services for all types of businesses in all industries. Proper business tax prep is essential for every company and having a CPA firm with experience to help maximize your tax advantages and benefits is an important element of your business’ success. Our understanding and experience has made us a top CPA firm and we work extremely hard to ensure our clients get the highest quality service. We are here to help you understand your tax standing and plan for your business’ growth by ensuring proper tax filing. Regardless of the size of your business, industry you are in or type of business entity you are we will help you file your state and federal taxes in the best possible way and assist you to making decisions that maximize your tax savings.

The IRS Code offers powerful weapons to taxpayers to structure their tax status, but many people are not aware of their rights, or they just don’t know how to access them. An experienced certified public accountant can help you understand your rights and use the law to your advantage.

At Strategic Tax Consultants, we protect the rights of taxpayers throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our CPAs have been in practice for over 13 years, and range from both the public and private sectors. We do not try to steer our clients in any direction, but rather present them with a wide range of options, and provide them with financial guidance in making a decision. The law is on your side. We can make it work for you.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 847-962-6505 to speak with an experienced Certified Public Accountant.

We can prepare taxes for clients in all 50 states